Oils & Acrylics

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painting entitled Stained Glass and Grapes painting entitled Lest We Forget painting entitled Indian Girl and Horse painting entitled American Beauty Berries painting entitled Yellow Roses painting entitled Bellinggrath Gardens painting entitled Oblong Still Life painting entitled Hydrangeas painting entitled Alaska painting entitled Cleo's Lamp painting entitled Russian Samovar painting entitled Bouncing Bettys painting entitled Rebecca's Persimmons painting entitled Who Said What? painting entitled Brayford Cow and Calf painting entitled Kelley's Sunflowers painting entitled Russian Memories Painting of jar entitled Mexican Water Jar painting of a white pitcher entitled The White Pitcher painting of pink tulips & 2 white china figurines entitled White China Swan painting of a white pitcher, cup, & saucer, brass bowls, pomegranates, and pink roses on a table cover with a white cloth entitled Heirloom Roses painting of an orange pitcher with limes in a blue bowl and maraccas on a table with white drapery entitled The Orange Pitcher small acrylic painting of 2 magnolias with green leaves on a reddish cloth with a glowing yellow-green background still life oil painting of lit candle on candlestick and books still life oil painting of grapes, candle holders with candles, bottle, and grapes still life painting of a large oriental fan in orange and gold tones with a black vase in front containing eucalyptus. on the table in front of the vase are playing cards, a silver flask, a gun, and brass bullets. there is a white pillar candle on a brass candle holder, and on the right is an ashtray with 2 cigarettes, a lighter, and 2 pearl earrings. oil painting of a brass pitcher in front of peacock feathers. there is a blue drapery in the background, and a white china swan, white china cat, and green and purple grapes on a white drapery, sitting on a tabletop.